I remember when my kids were young and they would do a half job cleaning their bedrooms.  I would complain to my Mother.  I would tell her that I was sick of their trying to be slick.  I was divorced so there was no male intervention available.  My Mother would say Okay.  Then one day my kids came running into the house and into their rooms.  Lo and behold, my Mother walked into my house.  She did not knock on the door neither did she ring the doorbell.   She had a belt around her neck and walked straight into my kids bedrooms.  I remember following behind her because I was wondering “what the what?”

Well she went into my son’s room first and immediately looked under his bed.  Under his bed was clean.  She then looked into his closet, the closet was clean.  He was standing in his room looking mortified.  Next she went into my daughters’ room and looked into their closet and under their beds.  It was clean.  So she told them that from now on she would be doing unexpected drop byes because she knew they were being hard headed.  With fear in their eyes, they started keeping their rooms clean.  After the first unexpected visit by my Mom, I could never figure out how my kids cleaned their rooms up so fast.  My Mother kept her word and she continued to make those unexpected visits to my house until she got sick with cancer and passed away at the age 0f 57.

Okay, when my kids became adults and thought they could disrespect me I had another ally in my corner; their other grandmother.  Boy she would really get on their case.  She did not play that.  But unlike my mother who rode into town with the belt around her neck to scare them, their other Grandmother talked to them and made them feel guilty.  They felt so guilty that they would repent and apologize to me for their misbehavior.

In 2006, I needed to get the heck out of St. Louis for New Year, I was stressed out.  I had so many problems because I had won the lottery that year, and people were pulling at my coat tail wanting me to give them some of my winnings, and stirring up trouble that me and my finance decided to drive to Las Vegas Nevada.  You see I have Lupus.  Lupus and stress are enemies.  When I get stressed, I have to get away.  My kids who were used to Mama always being home had the nerve to leave St. Louis to travel after Christmas!  My son who has traveled a lot, asked not to drive to Las Vegas in December.  Of course I ignored him because my mind was made up.

The day came when we headed for Las Vegas, when we reached Texas my cell phone rang.  It was their Grandmother!  She asked me was everything alright because she felt it was not wise of me to drive to Las Vegas in the month of December.  Darn I said to myself.  My kids told on me!  I assured her everything was fine, I just needed to get away.  So she asked me what was going on.  I told her that I needed some peace of mind.  She listened to my story and told me that she just wished I had flown to Las Vegas instead of driving.  She also prayed for my safe return.

Well I needed that prayer.  We went through snow in New Mexico, road closures over four inches of snow.  There was an avalanche in Colorado and to boot; it was freezing cold in Las Vegas.  But New Year’s Eve was fun. On our way to Las Vegas, we stopped and explored the Petrified Forest.  Was it worth the experience?  Yes, but from now on I will fly to Las Vegas.





Part 2

In part 1, I introduced Teresa who owned a beauty salon named Aces.  Her employees are: Carmen the receptionist and scheduler; Jennifer, Gail and Mary the stylist; Joan who does manicures and pedicures; Beth who does facials; and Dale and Simone who does massages.  Teresa’s best friend Lucy used to be her favorite customer who would come to the shop for services three times a week found a boyfriend.  Since her new relationship began Lucy has disappeared from Teresa’s life without a trace.  So Teresa has asked her employees to call her if they saw her.  Teresa had a bad feeling about Lucy’s new boyfriend Jerry, she was about to find out why.

It was a Saturday morning and the usual Saturday morning clients were present.  Gail (the stylist) was washing Ramona (the player’s) hair when Ramona told Gail, “Girl I thought the name Jerry Smithers sounded familiar; on the street he is known as J-Dog.”  Gail (the stylist) looked shock and asked Ramona, “What do mean by the streets?”  Ramona then began to explain to Gail what she meant, “You see girl J-Dog is a drug dealer and a hustler.”  Gail was flabbergasted, “I did not think Lucy would fall for someone like that.”  That is when Geraldine (the divorcee) who was getting her hair washed by Jennifer (the stylist) chimed in on the conversation, “I will bet money that he has Lucy on drugs and is trying to turn her out.”  Geraldine (the divorcee) said, “That’s why she is looking so raggedly.”  Then Ramona (the player) said, “I know how J-Dog, I mean Jerry is, he is real possessive and controlling.”  Ramona (the player) further stated “This explains why Lucy does not come to the shop any more, he won’t let her.”  The two stylists Gail and Jennifer could not wait until the shop closed so they could tell the owner Teresa who was giving massages for the day because Harold (the drama queen) took the day off work that day; what they heard about her best friend Lucy.

When Teresa came out of the massage room, the stylist Gail and Jennifer asked her to have a seat.  After sitting down on the couch Teresa asked what was going on.  Gail told her that she found out who Jerry was.  She further told Teresa that, “Jerry Smithers is known as J-Dog on the streets and he sells drugs and is a hustler.”  Teresa looking shocked stood and said, “WHAT!”  Teresa further stated, “It’s not that I do not believe you, but I find that hard to believe!”  Jennifer put her hand on Teresa’s shoulders and started to massage them and said, “I know girl that news blew us away as well, but we will try to help her we promise.”  Gail said, “We need a drink, and not the stuff we serve our clients, but the fire water.”  So she left the room and returned with a bottle of brandy and three glasses.  After pouring the drinks, Gail made a toast.  “This is for our girl Lucy, operation rescue is on!”  Then the glasses clicked.  Teresa said, “Yes this may be harder then we think, but we will get the job done.”

On Monday Teresa called Lucy’s job only to find out she no longer worked there.  So Teresa went to her apartment to find out she moved.  You see Teresa could not call Lucy because her cell phone number was no good.  “Damn!”  Teresa said out loud, “I am going to track her down; I bet she moved in with Jerry!”  So Teresa called Gail and asked her to please call her client Ramona (the player) to see if she knew where Jerry lives.  Gail asked Teresa, “What’s going on girl?”  Teresa told her, Lucy does not work at her job anymore and she had moved out of her apartment; so I want to go over to Jerry’s house to see if she is living there.”  Gail sighed and told Teresa, “Teresa I do not think that is a good idea, it’s not that I do not want to call Ramona but I have a different plan of action; people like Jerry are dangerous.”  Teresa said, “Okay you are probably right, what is your plan?”  Gail told Teresa that she has a friend who is a private detective and she will ask him to find Lucy and we will take it from there.  Of course Teresa wanted to meet this detective and Gail told her okay; Gail let Teresa know that she also wanted to pick up Jennifer as well.   Gail called her detective friend whose name is Leonard Wells.  Leonard Wells use to be a detective on the police force before retiring and starting his own detective agency.

So Gail telephoned Detective Wells as she had his cell phone number.  “Hello.”  Detective Wells said as he answered his cell phone.  “Hi Leonard this is….”  “Gail I know this is you, how are you doing?”  Detective Wells asked.  Gail got straight to the point, “I am doing fine Leonard, I need to know can I come to your office today, I have a case for you; I also am bringing two friends with me.”  Detective Wells said, “Sure Gail I would love to help you and your friends, when would you like to come in?”  Gail replied, “Today at one o’clock.”  Detective Wells said, I will see you soon.”  They hung up the phone.  Gail then called Teresa and Jennifer and told them to get ready.

When they arrived at the detective agency, Detective Wells was in the reception area and greeted them.  He then led them into his office, “Ladies what can I do for you?”  Gail then formerly introduced Teresa and Jennifer.  Teresa explained to Detective Wells why they needed his help, “Our friend Lucy Smith is missing or rather we want to know where she is living;  you see she may be residing with this guy named Jerry Smithers; a.k.a J-Dog.”

Detective Wells had a stern look on his face and told the ladies, “I have heard the name J-Dog, as a matter of fact before I retired from the police force he was arrested for domestic violence; ladies would you excuse me for a few minutes because I need to make a telephone call.”  Detective Wells then left the office.  When he returned he had a paper in his hands, he shook his head and told the ladies, “Jerry Smithers; a.k.a J-Dog has a lot of baggage.”  Teresa asked Detective Wells, “Do you think our friend Lucy may be in trouble?”  Detective Wells replied, “Probably, I am willing to find out where she is and of course I will give you ladies a discount for my services.”  He then gave them the cost to start the investigation and the fee when he locates Lucy.  The ladies agreed to the fees and Teresa wrote a check to start the investigation.

To be continued………….






Part 1

My name is Teresa and I am a lucky go person.  I own a beauty salon named Aces because it is top of the line beauty and full spa service.  I am so proud of myself because I am only 26 years old and my accomplishments in my young life surprises many people.  My best customer and friend is Lucy.  I have known Lucy since high school.  Lucy gets her hair done once a week as well as weekly manicures, pedicures, facial, and massages.  I give her a discount because she uses all of my services.  We get along really well.

Besides me the owner, a stylist and backup person, there are eight other people who work at my salon they are: Carmen the receptionist and scheduler; Jennifer, Gail and Mary the stylist; Joan does manicures and pedicures; Beth does facials; and Dale and Simone does massages.  We are one big happy family.  As usual we do occasionally gossip because our clientele are very colorful characters.  The stories they tell us are often hilarious.  Some of our favorite weekly clients are Geraldine who recently got a divorce because she caught her husband cheating on her with one of his co-workers.  Then there is Harold the drama queen.  There is also Carrie the diva, and Ramona the player to name a few.  As I stated earlier Lucy is my favorite client, she is the comedian that is why we get along well.

Lucy and I will often go out for drinks and dinner after I close the salon.  Our evenings would be full of laughter.  We even went to Hawaii together.  She cracked me up trying to do the Hula.  We were planning a trip to Mexico later this year.  We were supposed to save three hundred dollars a month for 18 months so we could pay for the plane tickets, hotel, and have spending money. We were so excited over this fourth coming trip.  That was until she met an older man named Jerry Smithers.

The day was Tuesday when Carmen, the receptionist, answered the telephone. “Aces Salon, may I help you please.”  “Oh okay, do you want to reschedule your appointment?  I heard Carmen say, “Okay, I will let her know, goodbye.”  I asked Carmen who was on the telephone.  She told me that Lucy had cancelled her appointment for today.  “That’s strange” I thought to myself.  Something must have happened.  When Wednesday came Lucy was a no show.

“Teresa may I have a word with you please?”  It was Dale, the massage therapist, looking quite peeved.  “What’s going on with Lucy, she cancelled her hair appointment yesterday and today she didn’t even bother to call.” I told Dale, “I am not sure, but I will call her to find out.”  Dale then stated, “That’s your girl and at least she gave you the courtesy of calling yesterday to cancel your appointment, but the heck with the rest of us.”  I told Dale, “Yes I know.”  Dale then retorted, “I don’t appreciate that no call no show, she can’t be messing with my money honey, because I could have made my money by scheduling someone else to take her slot.”  I told Dale, “I got this” and went to my station.

Later that night I called Lucy but she didn’t answer her telephone so I left her this massage. “Lucy this is Teresa, I miss you and I was looking forward to your coming to the salon for your appointment today, is everything all right, call me bye.”  Teresa did not call me back, as a matter of fact; she stopped coming to the salon all together.  Two months went by I still hadn’t heard from Lucy, she wouldn’t return my calls; I even went by her apartment and left a note.  One day I called her job, the person who answered the telephone said she called in sick today; so I left a message for her to please call me. To no avail she didn’t respond. So I gave up trying to contact her at least I knew she was alive. Business went on as usual.

It was a Saturday morning and all the Saturday regular clients were there.  Harold, the Drama Queen, blurted out, “Hey Jen girl whatever happened to Miss Thang, I have not seen her for a while.”  Harold asked this question as he was getting his hair lined by Jennifer the Stylist.  Jennifer said, “Harold who is Miss Thang?” Harold replied, “You know that prissy girl who came to the salon not once a week but twice a week which was on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.”  Jennifer laughed and told Harold, “You are so silly; you must be talking about Lucy.”  She then asked Harold, “How did you know that she came to the salon twice a week?” Harold said, “These walls have ears.  That’s how I know, honey.”  Then Geraldine, the divorcee, was getting a weave by Mary, the stylist, had to put her two cents in, “Girl I saw that heifer a few days ago at the store, she was looking real raggedly.”  Mary asked Geraldine what she meant.  Geraldine reported, “Her hair was a mess, she wasn’t wearing makeup, her clothes were dirty and her finger nails had no polish on them.”

Gail, the stylist, also had seen Lucy a few days ago; she made the comment that she saw her with some old guy who was bossing her around.  That is when I asked Gail, “Did she speak to you?”  Gail said that they locked eyes but she didn’t speak.  I told Gail that the guy you saw her with was probably her boyfriend Jerry.  She changed when she met him and he is probably the reason she stopped coming to the salon.  Carrie and Ramona came into the room; they just had facials and a massage.  They had overheard what we were talking about.   Carrie the diva said, “There is no way I would let a man control me. It sounds like she is on lock down.”  Ramona the player replied, “Jerry, what’s Jerry’s last name?”  I told her his last name was Smithers.  Ramona then told me she was going to check him out because that name sounded familiar.  After all the clients left, I held a quick staff meeting.  I also made a special request, I asked my staff if they saw Lucy would they please call me on my cell phone no matter where or what time of the day or night it was.  They told me they would do that.  I was relieved because the truth be told, I had a bad feeling about Lucy.

To be continued………





Part 3

The next day after I got off work, I met April at the building she wanted to buy.  The building was a stand-alone 2 story with a locker room and shower.  The inside was huge it even had an elevator in it.  April started showing me where and what she would put into the building.  We then went up the stairs and she showed me this is where she wanted the oxygen and juice bar to be.  April was so excited, but she realized that the place needed some work done; I agreed with her.

I received a telephone call from April about 2 weeks later.  Instead of sounding her happy go lucky self, she seemed down in the dumps.  I asked her “Baby what’s wrong, you don’t sound good.”  April told me that she had good news and bad news.  She said the good news was that she did get the loan to buy the building. I told her that was wonderful.  She quickly interjected to remind me that she still had to tell me the bad news.  I told her that I was sorry please go ahead and speak.  April told me that she did not get enough money from the loan for the repairs and the remodeling of the building less along all the equipment, supplies and furnishings.  She told me that she needed additional capital but she did not know what she was going to do.  She then ran the ideal across to me that maybe she should get a business partner who could put up the funding and what did I think about that ideal?

I was at that point, so proud of her that I would have agreed to anything she wanted.  I told April, “Baby do what you need to do you deserve to make your dream come true.”  She looked me deep in my eyes gave me a deep kiss and told me “Thank you.”  That night we made love.  Two weeks later she told me that she had found a partner but the partner wanted to be a silent partner.  This partner was willing to put of most of the needed funding but she still needed another fifty thousand dollars.  She had no idea where that was going to come from.

The next couple of weeks we saw each other every day.  We would go to the gym and I saw the transformation in action.  I wined her and dined her.  I was so proud of her accomplishments. We made love every day.  I knew this was the time I needed to pop the question.  I honored my mother’s request to take it slow, I felt that April had taken off the mask; I was ready for her to become my wife.  A few months ago I had bought April a three-fourth carat diamond ring.  Yes my mind was made up I was going to ask her to marry me. Why not?  April fit my criteria perfectly, plus she was going to be a business owner.

I had chosen a Saturday night to propose to her.  I made reservations at the most elegant gourmet restaurant in my city.  I ordered a limousine to pick her up.  I bought her a dozen long stemmed roses.  I arrived at the restaurant early and arranged for Champagne to be served upon her arrival.  Everything was perfect.

When April arrived at the restaurant she was escorted to our table by the Maître Dee who pulled out her chair; as she sat down he placed a linen napkin on her lap.  I then handed her the roses. The champagne was presented and served.  We had eaten a four course meal laughing and having fun.  When desert was served, that is when I pulled out the box the ring was in and got down on my knee and proposed to April.  She put her hand over her heart and told me “Yes.”  I then put the ring on her finger and we kissed passionately.  It seemed like the entire restaurant applauded us.  That night we made love again.

The next day April called me she wanted to get married in June, the month was December.  I agreed with her.  April had a special request, that request was that we not make love again until our wedding night.  I reluctantly agreed and told her, “She was my baby and what my baby wanted she got.” 

About a week later April called me and asked me to meet her at the gym.  When I arrived at the gym, she had these big puppy dog eyes and said she could not get the fifty thousand dollars she needed to complete the gym.  April told me that once she had the money and everything passed the inspections, she could open the gym in March.  She then asked me would I please fund the money to her.  She said it would be considered a loan because we are not married yet and that she would pay me back before we got married in June.  She also said that she had some money coming in but she was not expecting to receive that money until May.  I agreed with her, after all this, woman was going to be my wife in June.  So the next day we went to my bank to withdraw the money and she insisted that she sign a promissory note.  So, I had the bank draw up the paper work.  She signed the promissory note, and then I signed the promissory note in front of a notary public.  I then gave April a cashier’s check for fifty thousand dollars.

Why did I wake up with cold sweats one month later?  I realized that since I had given April the money we were talking and seeing each other less and less.  I would have to go to the gym sometimes just to see her.  I thought to myself, “Man she is really serious about opening up the gym.  Well at least she is passionate about this gym.”  “Honey,” I told her when I saw her, “I miss you.”  April told me, “Baby I have a deadline.  I am working seven days a week, plus I am here most of the night.  I really do need to do this so I can open on time in March. After which, I have a wedding to plan.  So if you will excuse me, I would appreciate if you would not come to the gym until opening day.  I want to surprise you, and by the way don’t call me I will call you soon.”

I told April, “Okay I see you are serious girl, I trust you and I will let you do what you have to do.  I won’t bother you.  I think it is cute that you are so ambitious.” I gave her a kiss on her cheek and asked her to call me soon.  I then left the gym and met with my guys.  Of course the guys were surprised that April and I was apart.  But they warmly welcomed me.  I explained to them that April was busy putting the finishing touches on the gym.  The guys were surprised that I had not kept them up to date of what was going on in my life.  One of my guys named Dave told me that he planned to stop by the gym to check it out.  He said her idea of a gym, oxygen and juice bar sounded interesting to him and that he might consider joining the gym once it opens.  The month was February.  So when the month of March rolled around, I had barely heard from April.  Of course we did go out a couple of times, but there was no word of her grand opening day for the gym.

So one evening the second week of March, I met with the guys for drinks.  Among the guys that I met with Dave was not present, I found out that he would join us later.  When Dave did arrive at the bar he looked at me with a strange look on his face and asked me to please step outside for a minute.  I told him, “sure.”  Once outside Dave told me something that blew my mind.  Dave told me that he joined April’s gym today.  He told me that she did not even recognize me.  “What!” I said to Dave. “Man, get out of here!” Dave told me, “Clarence you have to remember I only met her once so that is why she did not remember who I was.”  I pondered in my mind, “Sorry Dave you are absolutely right.” Dave then asked me to take a deep breath, “I have something to tell you.”  I told him, “Okay, I felt I could handle anything.”  Dave then told me that April was hugging and kissing on some guy at the gym. Of course I did not believe him and played it off.  I told him “thanks but I am sure there was some reasonable explanation and I would check it out later.”  So we went back into the bar and started drinking.

Later on that night I went by the gym, the time was about 11:30 pm.  Sure enough the gym had a grand opening sign posted on the building; the sign also offered a discount for joining.  I was livid, why didn’t she tell me the gym was open.  I had a lot of questions.  I wanted to know about the guy Dave told me that April was hugging and kissing on?  Questions I had a lot of questions that I needed answered.  So I decided that I would pay April a surprise visit.  I decided to go over to her apartment that night.

At first when I pulled up to April’s apartment I did not see her car, so I waited.  About an hour later I saw her car pulling up and she got out of her car on the driver’s side, and to my surprise and guy came out of her car on the passenger’s side of the car.  They proceeded to her apartment.  I waited until 10 minutes after they entered and I went to her door and knocked.  I heard her say, “Who is it?”  I told her, “It’s me baby, Clarence!”  April then asked me to come back later tomorrow because she was sleep. ” Bull crap!”  I said to myself she is in there with that guy.  “So I told her okay.”  Then the next thing I remember is me kicking in the door.  Before she could react, I found April in the bed with that guy.  “Baby,” April pleaded, “I am sorry!”  I asked her who the guy was!  She told me his name.  The guy looked somewhat familiar, and then it hit me!  That was the guy who rolled his eyes at her and had the crooked smile on his face when I met with April at the Jazz Club.  April broke my chain of thought when she told me she might as well come clean and that man he is her silent business partner.  I just turned around and walked out of the apartment.

For the first time in a long time, I thought about Trina and felt badly as to how I had treated her. Furthermore the words my mother spoke to me rang loudly in my head, “You cannot go around breaking people’s heart for you will reap what you sow.”

June has come and gone, I haven’t spoken to April since that night.  The gym is not doing well at all.  I have hired an attorney in an attempt of recouping the money I loaned her.  After all, I do have a promissory note.





I remember letting the guys know I was back in action they looked at me like they had seen a ghost. They liked Trina too.  But the code was never pickup our leftovers.

Six months later, I was at the grocery store when I met April.  Man April was a knockout; she had the prettiest face in the world.  April had the most fly shape body possible.  I asked her what she did for a living and she told me that she worked and managed a gym.  She made it clear that her life goal was to own that gym. April told me that she had a bachelor degree in general studies and had a love of helping people through weight management and healthy lifestyle change.  Wow, I was amazed.

We started dating all was fine.  She would invite me over to dinner and prepare low carb meals.  She could really cook.  We would go to Jazz concerts in park, go to the museums, and take horse drawn carriage rides.  We loved to travel on the weekend and we even went on a week’s vacation to New Orleans.  I was falling in love with this woman but I needed to give April the test, so reluctantly I took April to my parent’s house for dinner.

As usual my mother opened the door and invited us in.  I introduced April to my family.  As usual my mother began to ask April questions, April was a little hesitant but she did answer my mother’s questions. My mother noticed that April did not eat very much food, so I explained to my mother that April was on a low carb diet. My mother seemed to understand. After dinner we all played cards and had fun. April and I left my parent’s house that night at about 10 o’clock.  I dropped April off at her house and went home.

That next morning the telephone rang it was my mother.  “Good morning Clarence I hope I am not disturbing you.” I told my mother “no I was up.”  My mother then asked me was I alone.  I told her “yes.”  My mother then asked me what my intentions with April were.  I told my mother that I intended to marry April soon.  There was then silence on the telephone.  I then said “mother, are you still on the telephone?”  My mother replied, “Yes son, I am.”  What she said to me blew my mind.  She said, “Son I don’t know how to tell you this but I received bad vibes and feelings about that girl.  I cannot put my finger on it but she is not right for you.”

I then told my mother, “Okay, I hear you, but I really like her and I am going to marry her unless she tells me no.”  My mother then asked me to please take my time and wait until she “takes off her mask.”  With that we said to each other have a good day as we hung up the telephone.  “Man!” I said to myself what was that about?  My mother has always been my best friend; she is not a possessive or controlling so I knew she was not jealous but I couldn’t figure this one out.  With that I shrugged the feelings out of my mind and went to work.

Three months later April and I were still a couple.  She wanted to have a serious talk with me.  We decided that we would meet at a Jazz lounge for Happy Hour.  I arrived first and secured our table.  When April arrived 15 minutes later, she lit up the room.  She was simply gorgeous!  It seemed like every man’s eyes were following her accept for one guy.  He had a crooked smile on his and rolled his eyes at her.  I immediately stood up and pulled out her chair so she could sit down, then I kissed her on the lips.  We ordered our drinks and selected appetizers.  After we were relaxed, the Jazz band began playing. Everything was perfect. When the band went on break, I asked April what she wanted to talk to me about.  April then took my hands into hers and gave me the most seductive look with her eyes as possible.  I melted like putty.  April then reminded me that when we met, she told me that she had intentions of buying a gym.  Of course I was happy to hear one of her goals in life was becoming a reality.

“So you want to own your own business?” I said with a smile.  April said “Yes, you see I have a business plan that I want you to look at and tell me what you think.”  She handed me a folder.  She said “I want you to take the business plan home and after you look at it call me.” By then the band was back playing.  We ordered a couple more rounds of drink, I was drinking Cognac and she was sipping on Martini’s.  Then we decided to leave.  I asked her could I go home with her.  She told me, “Not tonight honey, I have things to do.”  Disappointed, I told her that I understood.  I let her know that I would read her business plan and call her tonight.  I gave her a kiss and wished her good night.

When I got home I went and took a cold shower, after which I put oil on my body and popped in a Miles Davis CD and began to read her business plan.  So in addition to purchasing the building she also wants to open up a combination oxygen and juice bar. I said to myself that is my baby!  She is always concerned about people’s health.  The name of her gym was “The Empowerment Gym, for Healthy Living.”  I said to myself “I like it.”  So I called her to give her the news.

I dialed her telephone number but she did not answer the telephone.  I hung up the telephone without leaving a message. I thought to myself, “She will look at her caller id and she will call me back.” Wrong, two hours passed with no telephone call from April.  After, another hour passed, I called her again; this time I left a message the time was 10 o’clock.  The telephone rang at 12 midnight, it was April.  “Baby, April said apologetically I fell asleep and did not hear the telephone when it rang.”  She further said “I must have had too many Martini’s, what’s going on?”  I was a little upset but that mood was quickly quashed when I heard her sexy voice.  Like a whipped puppy, I told April, “Baby I really like your business plan.”  April told me “Good, I knew you would love it.”  “Baby could we visit the building I want to buy tomorrow?”  I replied to April, “Sure Sweetheart, it’s a date!”  April then said something to me for the first time, “Clarence I love you.”  Flabbergasted, “I told her me too.” We hung up the telephone and I went to sleep with a smile on my face.




Part 1


My name is Clarence Sims I always thought I was the king of life.  I am 42 years old, have a MBA, and a pretty good paying job from a very reputable firm.  I like the finer things in life you know; good liquor, pretty women, and lots of action with the women.

Some people consider me to be materialist and arrogant, but I could care less.  So what I desire particular requirements from the people I associate with.  The people I associate with must have a degree, have class, and have their own money.  My guys, with whom I hang out with, are like me, single. We have the same expectations and requirements, so we get along real good. We love Jazz and make it a point of going to concerts together. We also love our sports cars and elegant condos.  We are going to be players for life.

I remember the time when I met a young Lady named Trina in the month of November, she really had it going on.  By that I mean she met my expectations.  She was pretty, had a degree, money, a nice car, and her own apartment.  Oh by the way, she loved Jazz.  We got along fine; she was not clingy or demanding of my time.  So I could still hang out with my guys with no problem.  We would laugh and have a good time together.

After a year of dating, I decided to let Trina meet my family.  You see in my mind, if she could pass the test (my mother’s approval) she may have a chance with me.  I may be willing to give up my bachelorhood. Although the guys were in shock when they found out I was considering marriage, they realized that I had my mind made up that she may become my wife.

It was Thanksgiving Day, I picked Trina up and we headed over to my parent’s house.  I knew if my mother liked her then she would have passed the test.  My family consisted of my mother, father, sister, and brother.  I was raised in a modest neighborhood and in a moderate house, which was far from my standard of living I have accrued, it was still home. My father was retired from an automotive plant; my mother was retired from the county government.  My siblings also worked for the county government.  I was the only one in my family who graduated from college.

As we approached the house I let my friend, Trina know a little about my family.  She told me she was honored to be invited to dinner.  My mother answered the door and invited us in.  I introduced Trina to the family. The family smiled at her.  Actually they were in shock because this was the first woman I had bought home for them to meet.

At dinner my mother wanted to know all about Trina, so she asked her a lot of questions.  My family really seemed to like her and told her that she could feel free to visit again with or without me.  We did visit my family a few more times over the holidays, but then something happened.  I began to realize that I liked Trina, but I was not in love with her!

After much pondering, I decided that Trina and I needed a break.  So I broke up with her.  I told her I needed some time to myself, because I needed to know what I really wanted to do in my life.  Believe or not, Trina took the news of my decision of the dismissal of our relationship like a champ which made me admire her more.

One day my mother called me on the telephone to  invite Trina and me over for dinner.  When I told my mother we broke up, she let out a sigh and asked why?  I told my mother that I was looking for a wife and I thought Trina was the one, but something was missing from the relationship.  My mother then told me something that I would never forget.  My mother said, “Son, I raised you the best I could.  I am proud of you and how you turned out as an adult, but you forgot where you came from.” My mother also told me, “Son you think higher of yourself than what you really are, that is not good. You cannot go around breaking people’s heart for you will reap what you sow.”

I asked my mother, “What do you mean by that?”  She told me, “Trina is a good woman who is hard to find, she is like gold and you are making a mistake.  You need to go to her and ask for her forgiveness because the next woman you may find may not be the one for you.  Be careful because there are many women who look like sheep, but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

With those words spoken to me by my mother, “I told her thank you and I will take what you said into consideration.” With that said we hung up the telephone.




The two definitions of the word reverence I would like to use come from the Encarta Dictionary: English (North America) is a noun.  The first definition is respect felt; which is feelings of deep respect or devotion. The second definition is respect gained; which is the respect or devotion that others show somebody or something. My personal definition of the word reverence is to love.

The strongest love above the earth is God.  The strongest love on the earth is the love from a good mother.  I am not saying father’s love is not less than a mother’s, but to get my point out I am focusing on mothers.  Whether you carried your child in your womb or adopted your children; a mother’s love is priceless.

I remember when I won the lottery; I made sure my kid’s needs were met.  You notice I used the word need and not the word want.  You see, I believe if I gave my children everything they wanted, they would become spoiled unappreciative brats.

As a mother I have always wanted my kids to have a better life than me.  I wanted them to get their college degrees.  But I had to be an example first to my children, so I went to school and got three degrees.  Being a divorced woman, I raised my children myself.  Living from pay check to pay check, I managed to budget and maintain my household. So I could be that example of what hard work can get you in life.

After winning the lottery, I retired from my job, set up a budget from the interest I earned from my investments, and began traveling.  Although I traveled, I never forgot about my children so I made it a point to do something I never was able to do before; take family vacations with my children!

My heart swelled to the size of a watermelon when we took our first vacation together.  We flew to California and went to Disney Land and Universal Studios.  Sometimes I believe that if we were ever being filmed America would get a good laugh because we can be very entertaining in our own rank. Our vacations contained a lot of first time experiences. The memories of our family vacations will last me a life time.

From the laughter to the disagreements, I would not change a thing.  For all the madness and drama my family can bring.  Through it all, we have to learn to appreciate and honor one another. In the end love wins.



One definition of the word empower (a noun) according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is “to promote the self-actualization or influence.”

For most of my adult working life I have always been active with unions.  I was a shop steward; I fought for people’s rights.  When I worked for Child Support Enforcement I fought for children.  My degree in Psychology helps me to be able to evaluate people and problem solve.  Why am I telling you this?  I am telling you this because the other day I was reminiscing about a friend of mine who is closer than a sister to me whom I love very much.  I had to empower her through a situation she was experiencing.

One afternoon I received a telephone call from Sally.  Sally’s voice was not her usual cheery one but somber.  So I asked her “what’s wrong?” Sally told me that she had got into some trouble.  She told me that she was accused of a crime that she did not commit.  After she told me what happened. I could tell while she was talking, she was traumatized.  I have known this God fearing lady for years and I knew she was innocent of this alleged crime.

I asked Sally did she have an attorney.  She told me “yes.”  However she was very concerned about how much money that attorney was charging her, her reputation in her community, her job, and her record.  Sally told me she never even got a traffic ticket before.  Sally was really scared and she started crying.

When I heard the pain that was coming from her, the soldier in my spirit stood up.  I began to counsel and encourage her.  My style was a little rough but I had to get her attention and pull her back from fear.  After I got her attention, she stopped crying and began receiving what I was about to tell her.

I told her she had nothing to worry about.  Just give this situation over to the Lord and believe He will fight your battle.  You are a good person, with no criminal past, even what you do for a living is commendable.  I reminded Sally that she was an Angel of Mercy.  Make a payment plan with your attorney, because no judge will condemn you.  “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper.”  Be strong, be brave, and stand up for yourself.  This situation is of the devil, don’t let the enemy win, and fight back!

Well a few months later I received a telephone call from Sally, she told me that all of the charges were dropped and her record was clean.  She started laughing and told me “girl, you really got stirred up that day and you really set me straight.”

I told her that I was sorry if I went overboard.  Sally started laughing again and told me that she needed that speech because it kick started her to fight back.  She told me that she had gotten mad about the lie the enemy was trying put on her, plus how that storm was not going to affect her self-esteem or her worthiness.  She knows who she is in the Lord and that she was a blessed child of God.  She then thanked me.





My offspring have named me the runaway mom.  Why, because when I am stressed out I do go out of town for a couple days of without telling them where I am going and how long I will be out of town.  I have Lupus and I am easily stressed out.  Pressure that may not affect normal people, but affects those who have Lupus.  Many people do not understand this but those who have Lupus do.

Stress is a killer it may come in the form of a heart attack or a breakdown for people without Lupus but for people who have Lupus stress will show up as an episode.

An episode means that your body is off beat and something bad is going to happen to your physical body.  So whether I am stressed out about people trying to get money from me, or those who have received money or some type of gain from me who have failed to keep their word, it affects me.  Also what affects me is; the sun, the cold weather, but the right sun and temperature makes my body feel good.  So off I go!

So when stressed I leave St. Louis and travel.  The problem is that I did not tell my offspring where I am going.  They have a problem with that fact.  At first I would tell them, “so what!”  Now I understand.  I now will let them know where will be and how long I will be gone.  Of course when they presented their case to me with the utmost most affection, I now understand.  I will no longer be a runaway mom.






Because I am giving birth to my new book, “Through the Storm,” this week’s blog is going to short and come straight from the hip.

The majority of people in this world want to have a good reputation.   Most people want to be favored.

Most people in this world are givers.  They love to help.  They donate to charities or give what they have within their means.  Giving is not just about money, many people will give their time.  Whether that time is listening on the telephone with empathy, or volunteering their services to accommodate someone; giving is giving.

What concern me is this, people who try to take advantage of givers.  Strangers who come out of the wood work asking for money.  Whether requests are solicitors, organizations that are not listed on your Attorney General’s list, financial
companies, or people; the victims does not want to be exploited, black mailed, or exposed unfavorably.

In this day and age there are a lot of thieves, scams, and con artist going around.  These people prey on the young as well as senior citizens. Never give them your financial information such as your credit card number. Always check out your source and learn to say “no” without feeling guilty.  If you loan out money please make sure you write up a promissory note.  You are not the bank or an ATM machine.  When you have some money, you will be surprised how many people plot to get it.  Just because a deal sounds good and the person who you speak to seems like an angel, do not go for it.  Learn to say “no.”  Nothing in this life is free, watch out for those free deals.

Lastly, never give your money to strangers without first checking them out.