The Upset Baby


The Free Dictionary.com by Farlex defines ungratefulness (n) in part, as; not feeling or exhibiting gratitude, thanks, or appreciation.

The Free Dictionary.com by Farlex (thesaurus) defines ungratefulness (n), as a lack of gratitude.

I have personally witnessed and experienced, both in my professional and personal life people who fall in the category; “You are supposed do to for me, me, me” people. 

Life has a funny way of changing by living it one day at a time and learning new ways, if you are lucky enough to take heed.

When we were born into this world, we were cared for.  We were then helpless.  Whether you were raised by your parent(s) or an individual, your basic needs were met.  Then we grew up and became adults.  Some people had more in life than others.  Some people have more opportunities than others.  Some people know how to apply themselves better than others.  Some people have dreams that they pursue and are successful.  Some people live off faith and believe in themselves that one day it will get better.  Some people are strong survivors for they overcome much. Some people are good providers and manage their money wisely. Some people are happy with what they have.

Unfortunately, you have some people in the world who feel the world owes them.  Deep down inside, they are bitter.  They do not rejoice when others are blessed.  Whether the people they envy blessings came from old-fashion hard work, faithfulness, or even a windfall.  Instead of being happy for others, in their own minds they want what you have.  They feel a false sense of entitlement that they too, are owed.  Rather than work for it themselves, they want you to give it to them.

With some people if they are given something, such as: money, material things, and/or other things, will not even say “Thank You.”  They take their blessings for granted. For in their minds they think like; “This is what you are supposed to do.”  They expect much, but they do not give back.

An attitude of ungratefulness is real ugly.  That ugliness will also come in the form of complaining, disrespect, and failing to take care of what was given to them.

Ungratefulness also comes in the form of what you have done for me is not enough.  You should have done more and talking about the person who gave it to that them behind their backs.

No matter what your situation may be, remember to be grateful in every thing you have, and learn to say “Thank You!”  Stop complaining.  Do not burn your bridges.  With hard work, savings, patience, and faith your day will come too.